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CV Assist

CV Assist

At AIG Academy, we genuinely put our delegates first. Due to this policy we have partnered up with firms who specialise in writing bespoke CVs and highlighting delegates skills and experiences.

We understand that solely attending a training course will not improve your earning potential. A training course provides you with knowledge and skills but if these qualifications coupled with your experience can not be articulated to a potential employer then you will never be able to reach your full potential.

Therefore, we feel it is vitally important that you can show case your abilities and competency to improve your employability and earnings. 

With all our courses we offer discount prices to create and/or modify your current CV so it looks and reads like a professional CV. The discount is only for our students who have attended a full course.

Please ask a member of staff for further details and discount for each package. Below are details of the 3 packages we offer.The most popular one is the second package which we recommend.

1) The Gold Package - £39.99

This is an editing package for people with a CV (they must have a CV in a word document format and it must be fully up to date). This is because the package doesn't entail a call, so we really need all the information to be on the CV already. We also need to be told what roles the person is applying for so we can tailor it accordingly. 

As part of this package, we re-style and re-format the CV, add a profile and skills, and edit the content on their CV to improve it, adding points where need be. They will get the CV back by the end of the next working day to when they placed the order, and can make any changes from there if they need too.

2) The Platinum package - £49.99 (most popular one)

With the PLATINUM, you will get a CV re-write (new style, new content) and a telephone consultation. After placing the order, you send through your existing CV (again via word doc) for us to assess, identifying any weaknesses and lacking on formation, forming a plan of action. We follow this up with a telephone consultation lasting around 20 to 30 minutes, ascertaining your current experience as well as your aims for your next role, allowing us to ensure the CV is as strong as possible. Again, you will get the CV back by the end of the next working day and can make any changes from there!

This is the one you will be plugging the most- about 70-80% of our clients go for this one

3) The brand new - £59.99

This is for people who don't have a CV or want to start from scratch. With this package, we book a suitable appointment for a telephone consultation with you. Calls last typically 30 minutes and during that time we gather all the required information (primarily your career history, education and aims moving forward). We then use this to construct the CV, with a 24 hour turnaround by default. Again, any changes we can execute.


The 10 things you need to have on your CV

1. Contact details

Make it easy for employers to get in touch. Include your address, main phone number and email address. Do not use voicemails or email addresses that sound or look unprofessional.

2. Employment history

Emphasise tasks and responsibilities that demonstration your skills and abilities. Select attributes which are relevant to the job you are applying for.

3. Education and qualifications

Write about skills or knowledge that you have developed and highlight any key achievements that relate to the job. This can be during professional career or in your spare time.

4. Experience

Highlight your experience and your duties which are relevant to the job you apply for. It is good to show that your are multi-skilled. Think about other activities/tasks you have been involved in such as volunteering or training colleagues. 

5. Honesty

Be honest about your qualifications and experience. If you lie on your CV then you can easily get caught out during the interview. Employers respect honesty.

6. References

To save space you do not need to include references on your CV, but make sure you state that they are available on request. Remember to inform your referees that someone may get in touch.

7. Styling

In general, avoid fancy fonts, borders, tables and graphics. They can be distracting. There are exceptions, for example a graphic designer might wish to show their design skills on their CV.

8. Language

Use active language – for example, 'I completed' rather than 'the task was completed'. Be positive and avoid clichés. It is better to keep sentences short and to the point. Try not to repetitive. 

9. Layout

Try and keep to two sides of A4. Employers will scan your CV - make it easy for them to spot key words by using bullet points and headings.

10. Spelling and punctuation

Avoid spelling mistakes. Use the spell check on your computer but do not rely on it to find every error. Ask family or friend with a good grasp of grammar and spelling to check your CV.


Perfect your CV and save money with our CV Assist